It is shocking and unfair that in 2023 underserved populations do not have equal access to healthcare and innovative medicines.

At HE.AI we partner with you to 'level up' these inequalities and ensure better outcomes for more patients

About Us

Dr Rav Seeruthun and Professor Ian Colwill met in 2013 whilst studying at Cambridge University on the Executive MBA programme. The concept for came from discussion of their shared interest of using the power of AI to uncover unfairness in access to healthcare and innovative medicines.

Our mission at HE.AI is to detect health inequalities, to make them visible and to partner with the right people to solve them.

Before founding HE.AI, Rav was based in San Francisco and served as Vice-President of Medical Affairs at Genentech. Previous to this he was UK Country Medical Director for Roche.

Ian is the founder of Catalyst Corporation, using AI to create solutions for the UK Ministry of Defence.

During his time at Genentech Rav's team was actively finding solutions to challenge health inequalities in the US. Whilst there he was shocked to discover that life expectancy can differ by up to 20 years depending on your ZIP code.

Ian and Rav discovered that the same was also true in the UK, where there are over 50% more cases and 40% more deaths from certain types of cancer depending on your postcode.

The company was founded in April 2023, and signed their first customer, a top 5 Pharmaceutical Company, in July 2023.


At we believe that all people deserve equity in healthcare, our health technology solutions can help your teams solve health disparities across the patient journey and change patient outcomes.


Using Artificial Intelligence, we are able to analyze large datasets of health data to identify patterns of health disparities. This information can then be used to develop targeted interventions to specific patient groups to address these disparities.


A specific area of focus for are disparities in the prescribing of new and innovative medicines across the healthcare ecosystem.


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